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General Questions

Both the Maya Sticker and the Maya Mask provide a 99.9% protection from live viruses.
Maya Sticker is a self-adhering anti-viral sticker, suitable for those who prefer to add active protection to their existing mask.
Maya Mask is a ready to go mask - just open the individual pack and the mask is ready to use.

Both the Maya Sticker and the Maya Mask provide  a 24 hours 99.9% active protection 

The Maya Sticker is a virus-killing device that works instantly on any face mask to stop transmission of infectious diseases.

The sticker offers dual action: Pathogen droplets are trapped in the sticker’s nanofibers while the disinfectant, PVP-I (Iodine) inactivates them.

The sticker is effective for 24 hours after the opening of its packaging. It may be disposed of along with the mask at the end of use.


Maya provides extra protection against infections (viruses or bacteria) carried by airborne droplets or aerosol particles. These airborne particles, wet or dry, may carry viruses that are transmitted through coughing, sneezing, breathing, raising of dust, spraying of liquids, toilet flushing, etc.

Yes! The Maya Protective Sticker can be affixed and used with every face mask available (surgical masks, N95 face masks etc.).

No. The Maya sticker or Maya mask cannot be used be used by people who are sensitive or allergic to Iodine.

Maya cannot be used by those allergic to Iodine, have problems with their thyroid, or pregnant woman

- Do not touch the Maya Sticker with moist or wet hands. This hinders its activity.

- Do not pull on the sticker. This will cause it to tear. When removing the face mask, use the mask's bands.

The protective sticker is currently cleared for sale in the EU (CE Mark) and in Israel.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks provide the wearer protection only against large droplets, splashes, or sprays of bodily or other hazardous fluids. Coronavirus can still get through the mask’s pores. It is recommended that the masks are discarded after each patient encounter.

N95 masks offer better protection than regular surgical masks and are designed to block 95% but not all of small particles. Coronavirus droplets can adhere to the mask and remain active for a long time. Additionally, breathing is more difficult than with regular surgical masks, making N95 masks less convenient to wear over a longer period of time.

Some N95 masks have one-way valves that make them easier to breathe through. But because the valve releases unfiltered air when the wearer exhales, this type of mask doesn’t prevent the wearer from spreading the virus.

Shipping and Logistics

Start with a one-time purchase of 25 Maya Mask or 50 Maya Sticker. Subsequently, you can order 50, 100, or 150 units.

Local Customer - please allow for 3–5 days

International buyers - please allow 7-14 days